Alan Fitzpatrick and Jamie Jones team up on EP [Premiere] –

“>This week, two dance music’s most revered artists from its underground sounds have teamed up on a new EP. Out March 27 on Hot Creations, Jamie Jones and Adam Fitzpatrick‘s debut EP together marks a new era in two tracks. It’s not ten that two artists, both well respected in their veteran careers, get together on a new collaboration. And while it’s obvious that due to the crisis from COVID-19’s affect on the world, many artists have put their Miami-ready releases on the back burner, leaving a void for the usually busy month March, this is a flicker light reminding us that yes, there is great music waiting to be released from an industry in temporary slumber (besides live streams, course). Now, Fairytale Frequency is here to change things, and has the first listen to the b-side, “Sundancing,” ahead its release tomorrow.
Both label managers (Jones Hot Creations and Fitzpatrick We Are The Brave) and both commanding in their own right, Jamie Jones and Alan Fitzpatrick crossed paths many times before getting together on an ficial release like this. Jones himself founded Paradise events, where Fitzpatrick has been a frequent performer. “Sundancing” represents the world world music and techno-inspired production Jones’s world, and the techy, industrial bass rave Fitzpatrick’s, with new collaborative elements adding flair to the track. Jones himself commented that making the track was “a real fuse both their] music minds.”
Melodic, disco-inspired and uplifting, “Sundancing” has the sentiments a poolside sunset, whose golden hour sun and glistening water we all need a reminder right now.
You can preorder Fairytale Frequency here ahead its release.

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