Cyrilia Drops Inspirational Vibes In “Are You The One For Me” And “It’s Over”

South Korea based pop singer-songwriter Cyrilia finally released “It’s Over”, a much anticipated effort dropped just a couple of days after her widely acclaimed music video, “Are You The One For Me”, shot in Seoul, South Korea. The finalist of the Digicel Rising Stars T&T confirms her great potential with these releases, and humbly but surely cements her rise in the music scene with full confidence. Her inspirational approach to her art leads her to a striking flexibility regarding the kind of music she makes, ranging from K-Pop to Jazz, and everything in between. Inspired by legends such as Beyonce and Rihanna, she manages to exquisitely capture relatable feelings in each of the songs she’s shared with audiences so far. Excellent Stuff!

Cyrilia – Instagram

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