Diplo Shares Videos Of All His Burning Man Sets Including His B2B With Flume

Another Burning Man has come and gone — and now that everyone is back on the grid we’re hearing about all the amazing live sets and other dope happenings we missed out on.

Diplo is just one of the tens of thousands of Burners with a whole lot to catch us up on. The DJ/producer juggled a range of sets including an afro house set at Robot Heart, a trap set at Camp Questionmark, and a deep house set at the Solriser art car. But, the set everyone is most buzzing about is his back-to-back with Flume.

For Diplo, his time spent on the Playa was a total recharge. In a social media share, he gets real about DJing and reflects on his Burning Man sets this year.

My job is usually make songs that you hope people can dance to and to go out and play lot of sets every weekend. As you can imagine even that gets tiring. I’m guilty of getting lazy and keeping some of the same routine and playing same songs ...but at BM I get to play records for the first time bring back old records. Improvise… connect with old friends find new energy… do amazing back to back sets… find random art cars to pull up get lost in some lights and find songs I never heard before. Just creating a vibe w friends and random people riding bikes around you is some of the moments that make me feel like DJing is still one of the greatest jobs in the world. And I’m so lucky.

Wow, the feels! Now, all we need are some uploads of those full sets, because we can only imagine the kind of magic he spun in there.

Swipe through Diplo’s Instagram post below to see a glimpse into his Burning Man experience!

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