EDC Orlando 2019 [Event Review]

Last weekend, the 9th annual EDC Orlando took place at its annual home, Tinkerfield. This year’s event was truly a special edition due to many of the positive changes that were added to the festival. This event took place for three days instead of its usual two and it was extended by 10.5 acres, making it bigger than it ever was before. This extension did not only make room for more art installations, but it also allowed another stage to be added to the festival grounds. The festival is said to have incurred $50MM to the city of Orlando, successfully bringing headliners from all around the world to be a part of this incredible experience. In addition, this was the first time in EDC Orlando’s history that the music festival was completely sold out.

EDC Orlando 2019 [Event Review]
Photo Credited to Banfy.

Insomniac has never failed to bring multiple sources of entertainment to all of its attendees. At EDC Orlando, not only were you able to spend your time watching the performances of some of your favorite artists, but you were also able to view beautiful art installations placed all around the event. Besides taking pictures with all of the amazing art, you also had the opportunity to ride a

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